Our God is More Than Enough


Sun, Dec 26, 2021

Teacher: Rich Fleming Series: ¡Más Christ! Scripture: Psalm 23:1

DECEMBER 26, 2021


When we say that God is more than enough, what are we really saying? And possibly a better question is; what are we really believing? There was a Spanish saying that said: Entre dicho y hecho hay un gran trecho. Between what is said and what is done there is a vast difference. So, I ask again: Is God really More than Enough for You?

What are my needs that I rely on God to provide?  The KEY phrase is; rely on.

  1. Our spiritual need.
  2. Our directional need.
  3. Our emotional need.
  4. Our physical need.
  5. Our eternal need.


  1. Who is your shepherd?
    • Who is the person, the authority in your life?
    • How do we submit to Him?
    • So, I can confidently say if you make the Lord your shepherd (keeper) you will not lack anything.
    • And I can say that you may be a believer in Jesus but the Lord is not your shepherd.
  2. The Lord
    • Yahweh. This is God’s formal name. Exodus 3 Our Lord is telling Moses; my name is I am.
    • So, the mere understanding of this statement is that our God lacks nothing outside of Himself.  While we rely on Him he does not rely on anyone else. He is completely self-sufficient you and I are completely dependent on him.  Don’t get those two turned around.
    • So, our Lord is the most consistent thing in our lives. While everything else around us is changing our God is not changing.
  3. Now look at the third word in the Psalm. The word “is”.
    • Remember this because it is important to remember that the Lord is active in every phase of your life. Is reflects the presence tense. So not only is your past taken care of and not only is your future going to be taken care of but our Lord is a present Lord.
    • When you understand the verse that says I Am That I am, you are looking at a present-tense God. 
    • We read in Hebrews that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Which is very, very true.  But when you have a need it is not a past-tense need it is a present-tense need. Lord I am sinking help me.
    • And our God has always been there in just the right moment for those who need him.  When the children of Israel needed food and water the Lord supplied them food and water. 
    • He is always ENOUGH


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