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Sun, Dec 18, 2022

Teacher: Rich Fleming Series: The Acts of the Apostles Scripture: Acts 5:12-16

DECEMBER 18, 2022

The Acts of the Apostles

ACTS 5:12-16

The signs and wonders that we see in so much of the book of Acts are really a dual blessing. The signs are, most of the time, a warning from God, an attention getter, a God size icebreaker. It is God reminding us that He is still in charge. And the wonders that we see many times here in the book of Acts are best described as jaw droppers. In other words, you see it but it’s very hard to believe it. You stare with amazement, and at the same time you heed the power that it represents. In most instances the signs and wonders led to miracles, most of the time the miracle of healing. Jesus brought healing to the world in the physical sense when he healed the sick and raised the dead but also in the spiritual sense when he gave His life to heal us from the sin penalty that pronounced a death sentence on lost mankind.

Now today, what do we do with this? Is Jesus still healing and are we instruments in seeing healing come to our families, our streets, our communities, our city, etc?

Signs and Wonders authenticated the messenger. These closest followers of Jesus only had one thing going for them and that was the affirmation that they had been with Jesus. There was no credentialing. No PhD. No titles. They simply were recognized as having been with Jesus. And these Signs and Wonders served to authenticate just that.

The miracles are the message. You will notice in the narratives of this book that when a miracle took place the message of Jesus followed. It wasn’t like hey everybody, look here I’m going to do a miracle and then you will all believe in me. The miracle was the message. It was the message then and it’s the message today. The Kingdom of God is at hand. It’s close. Don’t get hung up on the physical healing and miss the miracle of spiritual healing. The miracle has always been you can be set free from the brokenness and walk with Jesus.

Hey let’s go hang out on Solomon’s porch. Something crazy is always happening there.

The message of verse 12 can be best see in three words: regularly and all together.

What are the events that you are doing in your life regularly and who is with you when you are at these events? Life Group? Discipleship? Worship Services? Block parties?

Will you join with God in see that the message is spread to the other villages near where you live?


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