Creative Ministry

God gave us creativity as a way to express our hearts of worship and admiration back to Him. The first verse in the Bible says, "In the beginning God created..." And shortly after says “we were created in God’s image,” which means we were created to create! Because of this we strive to bring creativity into the midst of every event, worship session, or outreach we do.

Our creative team uses all kinds of artistic elements, set designs, graphic designs for sermon series graphics and worship presentations, spoken word poetry pieces, dance, drama, painting, sculpting. We use all of these various creative outlets and elements as a way to communicate with who God is, and instigate engaging with the His Spirit. There is always something new or different to do, so don’t hold back...if you love to create in any way there is a place on this team for you!

Contact Zorina Smith to get involved in the creative ministry at Living Faith.