About Us

Living Faith offers a modern and relevant experience with God for everyone.

Who We Are

New Beginnings

Many people long for the chance to do things over again or to start new in a place where they can find truth and a sense of belonging.  Living Faith offers this to each person we encounter and strives to bring people to Christ as the Author of that new beginning. God wants everyone to have a relationship with Him.

Real & Transparent People

Our church is made up of people who are just like you.  We don’t have all of the answers to life, but are experiencing every day together.  We are imperfect people, but strive to be welcoming, friendly, open, available, and loving.

Modern & Relevant

We strive to communicate truth and share life in a way that is relevant to today.  With life changing every day you can expect a practical experience with God in every encounter here.

Children Are Awesome

Children are a very precious part of our lives and are extremely important to God.  Their spiritual growth and safety are some of our top priorities.  Each worker who comes in contact with our youth and children here has had a background check and a desire to see children grow.  Our Children's Program offers spiritual growth for our children as they learn to care for others and share about Jesus.

Casual & Welcoming

Just as you try to be comfortable in your home, we try to make things comfortable at Living Faith.  We aren't worried about what people wear--jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or a 3 piece suit--you’re welcome here.

Truth & Authenticity

By living according to the Bible we cultivate authentic relationships that extend past the walls of the building into the everyday lives of our church.  For more info, read about What We Believe or check out the I'm New page for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.