The Mission

Reaching college students in Indianapolis with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my utmost concern. I am entering the harvest, knowing I'll need the Holy Spirit to see these students come to know Christ!

  • Indy Residents

    1.8 Million

  • College Students

    Over 50,000

Dear Ministry Partner,


Indianapolis is considered by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to be harder to reach than Los Angeles and New York combined. The harvest is ready, and we need more workers committed to reaching out to this city God’s way.  I can’t just sit and watch while the people in my city go on without hope. For this reason, starting in May of 2019 I will begin working full time at Living Faith Church as a college and small group coordinator.

By working full time for my church, I will become a missionary to the city of Indianapolis, focusing mostly on college students in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. In my roles at the church I will be responsible for raising up leadership for small groups, overseeing their growth and multiplication, and equipping the groups for success. In addition to this I will be taking on a more pastoral role regarding college students, while coordinating all outreach to our campus.

I've had a heart for the lost college students in this city since I've become a christian. Jesus has set me free and opened my eyes to the truth. It breaks me to watch as they live their lives as if Jesus is not Lord, and experience the pain that follows. I have a responsibility to tell them, to show them with my very life, that Jesus is Lord, and only He brings true life.

But to do this I need a team. As our church is still considered a church plant by NAMB we can only afford to pay the salary of our head pastor. Everybody else on staff needs to go on support. I am looking for a team to support me in prayer as well as financially. My goal is to raise $40,000 to cover my yearly living expenses while I focus on reaching Indianapolis with the Gospel.

This is how you can be a part of reaching Indy.

I would love your prayers, I am in desperate need of them as my life changes very drastically in May and the next 10 months will be spent in preparation for that while still trying to finish my last year of engineering in college.

I would also greatly appreciate you praying about help financially at any of the levels mentioned above. When you give to this cause you become equally yoked in it with me, and I am in need of partners to share the weight!

Below you will find a link to give, please prayerfully consider joining me in this mission!


- Evan Miller

How You Can Help

When you give financially you become as much a part of what God is doing in Indianapolis as I am. I cannot do this work without your support!

If you would like to give, please fill out the form below, and I will contact you with a link and instructions on how to give through Living Faith Church's giving portal. Thank you.

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